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The essential of Capital Market Day

Highlights of the Capital Market Day press conference

Almost two years after its launch, the Renaulution strategic plan is already delivering many concrete results. Renault Group has become a more profitable, more competitive and more successful company, with strong brands and a new product line-up.

The automotive world has seen its playing field evolve in recent years. The electric and digital revolutions, the shift from selling vehicles to selling mobility services, the need to make the industry more sustainable and to reduce its impact: these transformations and new challenges have multiplied growth opportunities but have also forced the Renault Group to excel in different activities and markets: technological, industrial, service and circular, etc.

To become a champion of all automotive transitions, Renault Group has set itself the goal of leading the race in each market segment. Luca de Meo, CEO, Renault Group and Thierry Pieton, Chief Financial Officer, Renault Group, has explained how this can be achieved at the Capital Market Day conference, on Tuesday 8 November 2022.

Renaulution: everything about our strategic plan

With the Renaulution, Renault Group unveiled in January 2021 an ambitious roadmap for transformation, from volume to value. This strategic plan is already delivering concrete results: a more profitable, more competitive, more efficient company, brands that shine, a new product range. To go further, Renault Group is now carrying out a metamorphosis centred on structurally profitable activities, open to external investment and built around a homogeneous set of technologies.

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The essential of Capital Market Day 2022