Relive Renault eWays

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“Today is a historic acceleration of Renault Group’s EV strategy and for ‘made in Europe’. By building Renault ElectriCity, our compact, efficient, high-tech electric ecosystem in Northern France, together with our e-powertrain MegaFactory in Normandy, we are creating the conditions of our competitiveness at home.  ”

Luca de Meo
CEO of Renault Group

eWays: accelerating the EV revolution

Ten years that Renault Group has been including EV models in its range and exploring future mobility trends. With iconic EV and hybrid models, future-forward concepts, and offers that suit all uses, the company has opened up the age of electrification. Today, it shifts up a gear. The eWays Electro Pop event is a journey into our all-encompassing EV ecosystem.



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