Highlights of Renault Group at VivaTech 2022


Watch the leaders' round table of the Software République

The Software République is a European collaborative ecosystem founded by six leading companies, enabling secure and sustainable mobility. This ecosystem is celebrating its first anniversary and it was an opportunity for the CEOs of the founding companies to talk about its purpose and its future challenges.

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conférence de Luca de Meo et Cristiano Amon

Watch the conference of Luca de Meo and Cristiano Amon about the digital future of automotive

Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault Group, and Cristiano Amon, CEO of Qualcomm, set out their visions for the digital transition in the automotive sector. The two executives highlight an asset resulting from their cooperation: the Snapdragon digital chassis, which will equip Renault vehicles and provide the latest connected and intelligent solutions.

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The speakers and talks

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luca de meo

Luca de Meo

CEO, Renault Group

Luca de Meo first started out his career at Renault and is now CEO. During his many years experience working for major European companies, he acquired much sought-after experience in the automotive industry and in management. He took over the helm of Renault Group and Renault in July 2020.

clotilde delbos

Clotilde Delbos

CEO, Mobilize

– Clotilde Delbos spoke at the Mobilize conference about the creation of the brand and its “Vehicle-as-a-Service” model (video available in the Mediacenter).


Clotilde Delbos joined Renault Group in 2012 as Performance and Control Director and then became Chief Financial Officer in 2016. In 2020, she was appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer before becoming Chief Executive Officer of Mobilize in 2021.

cristiano amon

Cristiano Amon

CEO, Qualcomm

– Cristiano Amon spoke alongside Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault Group, on the prospects of the digital transition in the automotive sector (video available in the Mediacenter).


Cristiano Amon is president and CEO of Qualcomm Incorporated, and also serves on the Company’s board of directors. Amon assumed the role of CEO on June 30, 2021. Amon began his Qualcomm career in 1995 as an engineer, and during his tenure, has helped shape the strategic direction for the Company in several leadership roles. Prior to Qualcomm, Amon served as chief technical officer for Vésper, a wireless operator in Brazil, and held leadership positions at NEC, Ericsson and Velocom.

Patrice Caine

Patrice Caine

CEO, Thales

Patrice Caine is a graduate of the École Polytechnique and the École des Mines de Paris and holds the rank of ingénieur en chef of the Corps des Mines. He began his career in 1992 with the pharmaceuticals group Fournier before becoming an adviser on mergers, acquisitions and corporate strategy at Charterhouse Bank Limited in London. From 1995 to 2002, he held several executive positions in the French administration. In 2002, Patrice Caine joined the Thales Group’s Strategy department before being appointed to manage the following operating units: Air & Naval, Communications, Navigation & Identification, Air Systems, Radio-communication Products, Network & Infrastructure Systems and Protection Systems. In February 2013, he was appointed Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Performance Officer of Thales. Patrice Caine was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Thales in December 2014.

Bernard Charlès

Bernard Charlès

Chairman and CEO, Dassault Systèmes

Bernard Charlès has been Chief Executive Officer of Dassault Systèmes since 1995, and Chairman of the Board of Directors since January 2023. Today, the Company, world leader in virtual universes, is a global top ten software company. He started his career in the company in 1983 to develop new design technologies. In 1986, he founded a dedicated New Technologies, Research and Strategy department, and in 1988 was appointed President of Strategy, Research and Development. Charlès has helped instill a culture of ongoing innovation to further consolidate Dassault Systèmes’ scientific capabilities and make science part of the company’s DNA. The inspiration behind digital mock-up, product lifecycle management and 3DEXPERIENCE®, he firmly believes that virtual technology is about making possible the impossible: 3DEXPERIENCE universes are the most powerful vehicle for testing concepts and creating the future, bringing dream and reality together, and stretching the limits of science and imagination to drive progress in society. Charlès has positioned Dassault Systèmes as the preferred partner for sustainable innovation in three major sectors of the economy: Manufacturing Industries, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Infrastructure & Cities. The company, established in 1981 and world leader in virtual worlds, was recognized as one of Forbes’ “World’s Most Innovative Companies”. Bernard Charlès is a foreign member of the US National Academy of engineering and a member of the French Academy of Technology. He holds the rank of Commander in the “Légion d’honneur” (French Legion of Honor). He is a graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure engineering school in Cachan and has a PhD in mechanical engineering majoring in automation engineering and information science. He also holds an agrégation — the most senior teaching qualification achievable in France (specializing in mechanical engineering).

Aliette Mousnier-Lompre

Aliette Mousnier-Lompre

CEO, Orange Business Services

Aliette Mousnier-Lompré is CEO of Orange Business Services since May 24 2022. Aliette reports to the Orange Group Chairman, Christel Heydemann, and is a member of the Group Executive Board. She was previously Executive Vice President of Customer Service and Operations (as from July 2019). Prior to this position, she held various management positions in the B2B, Wholesale and Innovation divisions of the Group since joining Orange in 2006. As a former semi-professional player of the Paris Saint Germain football club, Aliette makes her experience in collective sports become a real asset to lead her teams today. Over the years, Aliette has been able to mobilize energies to best meet business challenges. Aliette holds a master’s degree in international business from the Institut des Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences-Po) and also studied in the University of California, Berkeley.

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