Towards green, technological and mobility revolutions

Some highlights of the technology offensive that the Group has led over the past year.

Here are some highlights of the technology offensive that the Group has led over the past year:


Launch of the Refactory – Europe’s first factory entirely dedicated to the circular economy

Last year, Renault Group announced that it was transforming the Flins site into a factory dedicated to the circular economy. A first in Europe. With the Re-Factory, Renault Group is reinventing itself to develop accessible, sustainable, carbon-free mobility solutions for everyone.

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Creation of Hyvia – a joint venture dedicated to hydrogen mobility

Where does HYVIA come from? From the contraction between HY for hydrogen and VIA from the Latin for road.

HYVIA is a family of 50 employees with plenty of motivation to share around, excited to tackle the challenges of hydrogen-powered green mobility. The teams are animated around projects that embody their desire to have a positive impact on the energy transition to open up an alternative path to low-carbon mobility. The ambitious objective of this joint venture, which was born from the meeting of Renault Group and Plug Power, is to achieve a 30% market share in the hydrogen Light Commercial Vehicle market by 2030.

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Creation of the Software République – a new ecosystem that aims to innovate in intelligent and sustainable mobility

At the heart of this unique project in the sector: leading companies – Atos, Dassault, ST Microelectronics, Thales & Renault Group – and innovative start-ups united to create mobility solutions and systems that will shape the (near) future of mobility.

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Partnership with Google Cloud to meet the challenge of a decarbonized industry

Renault Group has joined forces with Google Cloud to accelerate the transition to carbon neutrality in the automotive sector. Renault is contributing its experience as a manufacturer, and Google Cloud its technological know-how. A concrete example of open innovation!

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The consortium between Renault Group, Veolia & Solvay

The three partners join forces to recycle end-of-life EV battery metals in a closed loop. The aim is to preserve resources, reduce carbon emissions and create value.

Renault Group is the first carmaker to act on the entire life cycle of the battery.

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The industrial Renaulution

Industrial Renaulution is underway. This Renaulution is driven by the expertise of the Women and Men of the Renault Group Industry, who are committed to performance, value creation and sustainable production.